Dont mess with the Vietnamese-Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam
The Cu Chi tunnels are worth the 2.5 hours drive thorough traffic. It was a lot of fun and a bit of a history lesson. I highly recommend it. It is no wonder that many soldiers sufferred PTSD and would never speak of their experiences. There were replica traps, tunnels, weapons that you can fire and tanks on display. I was on a tour with a very interesting guide and the impression I got was that they thought (and still think) the Americans were pretty silly, they basically lost the war to a bunch of rice farmers. 
During the tour we visited a factory that has been set up for victims of Agent Orange. Agent Orange was the defoliant used during the war by Americans so they could find the Viet Congh. 
After visiting the ‘Exhibition of Gifts received by Presidents’ and going in the Cu Chi tunnels, it appears to me that the Vietnamese people think the Americans are pretty silly. Being one of 5 Communist states left in the world, it seems the Americans lost against a bunch of Rice farmers. The tour guide at an exhibition laughed as she said “They needed to stop interfering in our country. They still haven’t learned their lesson.”
She told me of Vietnamese history which included 1000’s. Of years of War with other countries. They always won. She referred o China as ‘Big Brother’ which is probably how many Asian countries feel. 


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